Read This to Know More about Crystal Chandelier Glass

Chandeliers were popular decorative lighting fixture used by people since centuries and it was always considered to be a symbol of luxury, power and a sense of accomplishment. The word chandelier is actually derived from a French word called ‘Chandelle’ that literally means candle.

During the earlier days, people used to hang candles in a special way so that it does not catch fire. Slowly after people invented glass the chandelier was further modified and people started using crystals made out of glass that could disperse the light even further to offer an attractive look.  

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In modern days too, you can find many different types of crystals used by different suppliers of such chandelier lights used in modern homes.  

Let us discuss the type of crystals used by Sofary – a well-known supplier of these chandelier lights who is producing many different varieties of chandelier lights for modern homes. In these chandelier lights, the following are a few chandelier crystal cuts that you can commonly find.

  • Baguette
  • Cut ball
  • Finial
  • French
  • Hexagonal prism
  • Icicle
  • Kite
  • Octagon
  • Rosette
  • Spear
  • Square stone
  • Swedish drop

Following are a few different types of crystals used for making chandelier lights by most of the chandelier manufacturers.

  1. Aurora borealis crystal

Most crystals need direct light to create different colors of the rainbow, but this type of crystal can produce multicolor light without direct light as it has a prism on one side. 

  1. Chinese crystal

Such crystals are usually cut and polished with a very expensive method however lack precision facets and high optical quality. They are quite expensive too.

  1. Gem cut crystal

This type of crystal is made of 24 to 30% lead oxide and is considered to be the best refractive crystal. It has excellent shine and shimmer however needs regular maintenance.  

  1. Italian crystal

This type of crystal is made in Venice which is a well-known region for producing glass. These crystals are molded and fire-polished rather than machine polished. 

  1. Lead-free crystal

This is another machine-polished crystal and they are free of lead. Their quality level is quite similar to Strass crystals that we will discuss in the subsequent paragraphs.

  1. Murano glass

This glass is made by using quartz, sand, potassium, soda along with lead at high temperature, and then artisan will blow to offer different shapes.

  1. Spectra crystal

Spectra crystal glass is manufactured by a well-known company called Swarovski AG. Generally, this type of crystal is less expensive than any other Swarovski crystal. These crystals are offered only in a very limited shape and size as compared to Strass crystal.

  1. Strass crystal

This is one of the highest quality crystals, which is manufactured in Austria. It has an anti-dust coating that remains invisible and easier to maintain too.  

  1. Turkish crystal

These types of crystals were produced a long time back with the manual method where many different stages of polishing are done to offer a required finish. 

  1. Wood-polished crystal

This type of crystal undergoes various stages of polishing. First, it is cut by hand and then ground by sandstone wheel and then followed by a wood wheel.