DIY Kitchen Decorating & Design Ideas

The kitchen is an essential room in your home as it stores your necessary kitchenware. Moreover, all the cooking takes place in the kitchen; that’s why you need to keep the room neat and organized. Therefore, you should take more significant measures when you are designing the kitchen.

The best professional contractors offer budget-friendly DIY kitchen remodel services and designers can make your kitchen look great, doing it yourself ensures you provide the best DIY kitchens that will be the centre of focus in your neighbourhood.

You don’t have to be an experienced designer to improve your kitchen look, or should you spend a lot of money to hire a professional kitchen designer. Below is a list of top DIY flat pack kitchens Ideas that works

Hooks inside the cabinets

When the small is too small, you’ll need to utilize every bit of available space. It can get messy at times when you have a cabinet and cupboard in your kitchen, but you still have other stuff hanging around. You can improve your kitchen’s look by making use of the cupboard or cabinets’ inner surface.

Hooks placed inside the cabinet will provide an additional storage unit for pans and cooking pots holders. Furthermore, you can attach stainless, wooden, or plastic hooks to the cabinet surface to accommodate flat kitchen utensils and cutting boards. It is always recommended to look for professional tips for how to Install DIY flat pack kitchens

Under the sink drawers

Another essential idea when it comes to designing DIY kitchens is to make use of that free space under the sink. A pull-out drawer can be useful in such situations, but you must create it carefully and diligently to look sleek and make the kitchen look pleasing.

When you open the sink door, the drawer should also open easily to avoid congestion in the kitchen; all you need is little carpentry skills to design a pull-out drawer under the sink. However, you should use waterproof materials to minimize leakages. 

Metal pipe hanging storage

When you have too many items on your kitchen countertop, you may get confused or end up pouring some of the ingredients. However, you install metal pipes with the same length of the countertop; after that, you can hang trays on it; these trays will help you hold condiments, bottles, frequently used ingredients, and kitchen utensils. This upper space will let you have a free countertop that won’t limit you whenever you are cooking. 

Corner shelf storage

Do you have an L-shaped countertop installed in your kitchen? Well, you must have realized that there is a free space that is getting wasted at the corner where the countertop meets. Usually, you’ll find these spaces open and without anything installed in it.

We don’t intend to make DIY kitchens look squeezed, but we are thinking of a way to make use of every available space without ruining the kitchen’s natural look. You can talk to a creative to customize this space so you can use it effectively. 

Create a DIY menu board

When you have kids, you’ll be forced to answer several questions, incredibly when hungry. What are we eating for dinner? Well, don’t get confused when you are choosing a perfect dinner on Monday.

Why don’t you make an ideal DIY menu board so you can always refer to it every time you want to prepare a family diner supper or breakfast. However, always ensure the design complements your interior décor so that it also acts as a decoration on your wall. 

Make floating shelves

Designing the best DIY kitchens requires innovation, dedication, and the ability to learn and master. You can make a budget-friendly DIY kitchen, and a floating shelf can help you achieve your dreams. It’s possible to order hanging planters and use them to hang your plants from the ceiling.

Furthermore, you can make your own DIY floating shelves using a circle of wood and ropes. After you’ve made it, you can also hang it close to the window, so it produces the best visual effect. 

Choose the best window blinds

We understand that the kitchen needs sufficient air circulation, and it’s only through the window that air can circulate. However, your privacy is also essential, and you don’t need someone to look at you as you prepare the family dinner. So, as you choose the window blinds or curtains, ensure it will allow lights and air in.

Many companies out their venture in high-end kitchen window curtains that will make your kitchen comfortable and appealing. However, you can make a DIY blind to not waste much on the window blinds. 

Wood & Binder Clip Art Boards

If you have a passion for photography, you can use your favourite pictures to improve your kitchen look. On the other hand, you can also print some photos from the internet or ask your friend to lend you some. But remember, images are best when they have an ideal background.

You can use treated hardwood that shows wear as the picture background. Once the boards have been hung on your kitchen walls, you can use the binder clips to your favourite pictures. Furthermore, it will be easier to keep updating the images on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Make pallet pot rack

Do you know that you can use the scattered wooden palest to make a fantastic pot rack for DIY kitchens? Well, there is nothing social needed for designing a pallet pot rack except or chicken wire, pallets, wire coat hanger, staples, washers, S-hooks, heavy chains, toggle gook bolts W/nuts, and construction tools.

It doesn’t take time, but if you want to bring out the best DIY pallet pot rack, then you have all the time in the world. All your small and leger kitchen utensils can be stored safely on these pot racks. 

Include extra seating

It’s not normal to find seats in a small-sized kitchen, but you can always find a space to put seats with the perfect design and decoration idea. If you have an unused corner in your kitchen, you can include a hanging countertop and tuck-under stools that provide an ideal position for taking breakfast when you can’t make it to the dining room. Moreover, the design in which the chairs or seats are made will make the whole room look appealing. 

DIY Kitchen Island

By adding a DIY kitchen Island, you can give a new look to your kitchen. The benefit of installing a kitchen island is that it will provide additional storage units, countertop space, and an improved look. Even a kitchen with a smaller room can also use a DIY kitchen island to solve most of their needs. Additionally, you can add pull-out trash, so you don’t have to walk out every time.

Stained bamboo holder

There is no reason to spend a lot of money when you can make a perfect stained bamboo holder for your small kitchen items. All you need is an ideal stain of your choice, but it should rhyme with the kitchen decoration. You will not spend much of your time and money, but you’ll make a crucial tool in your kitchen capable of holding knives, spoons, and folks.

Focus on the room colour

DIY Kitchens are best if they have an ideal colour/painting on them. Too much bright colour will make it look awkward and confusing; that’s why you must plan effectively for the colour choice. If your wall is white, you can install a white cabinet, making your small kitchen room look spacious. A dark colour can also be ideal depending on the type of room you choose. When you’ve picked black floor tiling and dark walls, you can install dark kitchen cabinets and countertops to improve the depth of the room, thus making it roomier.

Use Versatile Cellular Shades

we’ve talked about choosing the right blinds and curtains for your window; well, you can also think of cellular shade, which can sever the role of sun panels whenever they move down and up; they will filter in light, thus regulating the amount of light getting into DIY kitchens. Using cellular shades improves your kitchen’s overall look despite controlling the brightness and darkness of the kitchen. 

Design a coffee cup holder

If you love coffee, then you understand how important it is to have all the coffee accessories parked in one place. However, you may have to deal with scattered coffee mugs, and you may not have the time to keep looking for them all over the room. An ideal pallet coffee cup holder can solve all these problems. With strong pallets and reliable hooks, you can be creative enough to design a high-end coffee mug holder. Don’t forget to add in some paintings to make it rhyme your house.


There are many advantages of diy kitchens and If you are looking for the best DIY Kitchen Decorating and Design Ideas, we are convinced that the above-listed ideas have given you an insight into the matter. However, do not underestimate your creativity level because you can do more than you’ve ever imagined. All you need is some tools and materials, and everyone within your neighbourhood will never fail to appreciate the fantastic look of your kitchen. Lastly, DIY kitchens aren’t only appealing; they save space, increase property values, and ensure smooth operation. Don’t give up; try yours today.