Choosing The Best Pillow For Yourself

A study by health experts has shown that pillows should be replaced at an interval of eighteen to twenty months. A lot depends on the material with which your pillow is made. Australian made pillows tend to use different kinds of materials like memory foam, cotton, and even Tencel. You might be thinking that eighteen months is quite a short time to replace a pillow, but if you give a deep thought, you will know that it is not considering that you spend seven to eight hours a day sleeping—that 2500 hours a year!

Australian made pillows are generally made of natural products and tend to last longer than pillows made of synthetic materials.

Here are two tests that you can perform to know if it is time to replace your pillow:

  • The smell test: Check for visible stains on your pillow or if there is any smell in the pillow. The smell can be caused by germs and allergens that can disturb your sleep. 
  • The fold test: Fold your pillow in half (if it’s big then fold it in three parts) and wait for a few seconds. If it does not return to the original shape in ten to twenty seconds, then you are using a dead pillow that needs replacement.

1) Tencel pillows:

One of the most sought-after Australian made pillows is the Tencel pillows. Tencel is a new organic product used to make pillows in Australia. It is an award-winning fibre that is 100 percent botanic. It is made of plantation-grown natural wood cellulose. It originates from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. Tencel is preferred for its various benefits. Tencel pillows are hydrophilic meaning that they absorb water. In fact, it wicks 50 percent more moisture than cotton. This keeps the bedding cool and dry. Tencel pillows are resistant to bacterial infestation because it absorbs all the moisture and bacteria needs moisture to grow. One of the major benefits of Tencel pillows is that they are very comfortable with a silky-smooth texture. It is supply to the skin and lasts for many years, making it very durable.

2) Memory foam pillows:

Another quite popular Australian made pillow is the memory foam pillows. Memory foam is increasingly being used to make mattresses and pillows. They are best known for their body contouring capabilities and the comfort that they provide. Memory foam gives your body the perfect level of support and comfort and keeps the neck and body in neutral alignment. If you are a problem sleeper and are suffering from sleep apnoea (a condition characterised by loud snoring and restless sleep), then memory foam pillows are best for you. Memory foam pillows give your entire body support and keep the head in perfect alignment helping to give you some relief from sleep apnoea.

Apart from Tencel and memory foam pillows, there are other materials of Australian made pillows such as cotton, synthetic, latex that you can choose from. There are online bedding dealers that you can buy the best pillows from and get them delivered at home too.