18 Vastu Tips for your Pooja Room

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The most auspicious space in a house is the pooja room and hence, the interior design should be Vastu compliant. People often ignore it because of the unavailability of sufficient space in the house but having a Vastu compliant pooja room ensures that negative energy stays out of the house. If you do not have a Vastu compliant pooja room in your house, here are 18 tips that will help to design the ideal pooja room:

1. According to Vastu, the best location for the pooja room is in the north-east direction. In case the north-east corner is not available, you can consider the north and east corners as well. Also, you can locate it in the west direction. Make sure that the pooja room is never on the south side. 

2. While praying, you should always face the north side or east side. 

3. Always ensure that the pooja room is not located under a staircase. Also, it should not be against the bathroom wall. These are considered inauspicious. 

4. If your house has more than one floor, always locate it on the ground floor. According to Vastu, a pooja room should not be on higher floors or in the basement. 

5. In case you live in an east or a north facing apartment, ensure that the pooja room is aligned along the east, north, or north-east walls. 

Once you are done with the location of the pooja room, it is time to check if the interior design and colour of the room are as per Vastu. Also, you have to check the direction of the idols of God. 

6. Always ensure that while placing the idols, they do not face the door or each other. Also, the idols should be located in the north-east direction and a little far from the wall. 

7. There should not too much storage space in the interior design. Also, do not use that space for any other purpose. In case you need storage space, you can install a cupboard in the west or south direction. 

8. The doors and windows of the pooja room should always open out towards the east or north direction. 

9. If you want to place Angikund and lamps, it should be in the south-east direction. 

10. Copper is considered auspicious. Hence, only use vessels made of copper in the pooja room. 

11. To maximise positive energy in the room, a pyramid-shaped tower should always be created for the pooja space. This highly recommended by Vastu experts. 

12. There should be two shutters in the pooja room door. Also, the pooja room door should be made of wood. 

13. Do not put up pictures of people who are dead. Also, do not put up any picture in the room that resembles violence. 

14. As per Vastu, the lights that should be used in a pooja room are white, yellow, light blue, etc. Basically, any cool and soothing shade is acceptable. 

15. The idols should not be chipped or broken at any cost. 

It may happen that you live in a small house and there is insufficient space in the home decor to have a separate pooja room. In such a situation, you can locate the mandir in other rooms of the house and still make your home Vastu compliant. 

16. The living room or the kitchen is just fine to build a mandir. However, you should always ensure that mandir is located in the northeast direction of the home decor

17. It is better if the mandir is not located in the bedroom. If you do not have any other choice, then always install the mandir in the north-east area of the bedroom. 

18. However, you should always check before placing it in the bedroom that your feet do not point towards the mandir while you sleep at night.