Wine Cooler Shops! How to find the best one?

Wine fridges, sometimes known as wine coolers, are refrigeration machines designed to keep wine at the ideal serving temperature. But do you require one? If you’re seriously considering this question, chances are you’re interested in wine enough to consider purchasing a wine cooler from a wine cooler shop. Wine storage and serving might be a bit of a science, but if done right, you’ll get the most out of your bottles.

Wine coolers are good for storing any kind of wine ranging from full alcoholic wines to slim wines. While locating the best shop for wine coolers, there are three main things you must consider to determine which wine cooler shop is ideal for you: 

Your storage requirements

This can help you determine what kind of bottle capacity to want. If you’re starting a collection, choose a shop that sells a model that has 25-50 per cent more capacity than the number of bottles you already have. It’s better to have more space than you need and not utilize it than to not have enough space. If you buy and serve bottles within a few weeks or months, though, capacity may not be a problem for you.

Wine cooler with a single or dual temperature zone

You can keep to a single-temperature-zone model if you only drink red or white wines. You may require a dual or triple-temperature-zone model if you have an equal amount of each or if you want to retain certain bottles at storage temperature and others at service temperature. Look for stores in that direction.

Where are you going to put your wine cooler? 

This will help you decide if you want a freestanding wine cooler, a built-in wine cooler, or an integrated wine cooler. Hence, you’ll go to the shop that sells your type of wine cooler. Now that you have considered the most basic criteria, it’s time to look at the types of wine coolers that you can buy from your ideal shop!

  • Freestanding wine coolers

These are the most common and least expensive, and they may be placed at any place in your home. They can be taller and wider than built-in models since they have no restrictions on where they sit, allowing them to accommodate up to 150 bottles. If you choose a standalone type, place it somewhere where the temperature does not fluctuate too much, such as in the garage. The same considerations that you would make when placing a regular refrigerator also apply to a wine cooler.

  • Wine coolers built-in

These are often housed in a unit that is roughly chest height. They don’t have the largest bottle capacity, so you’ll probably have to remodel your kitchen to fit one in. If you have a huge or growing collection, they won’t be suited.

  • Countertop Wine cooler

A countertop cooler can only hold a maximum of 12 bottles, but it’s a viable solution for those with limited room.


It won’t be easy to find your ideal wine cooler shop, but if you have exactly what you need in your mind, you will be able to locate the best shop among the others.