The Advantages of Using High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) from Royale Touche.

Since laminates entered the interior designing industry, they have evolved a lot. That’s why so many types of laminates are available in the market. One of the best laminates that have come into the picture in recent years is High-Pressure Laminates (HPL). 

What are High-Pressure Laminates (HPL)?

High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) are a material that belongs to the category of high-pressure decorative laminates and are greatly used in commercial spaces. Right from benchtops to countertops, HPL can be used for numerous areas such as flooring, countertops, and interior walls in offices, schools, airports, and several other commercial places. 

The HPL laminate sheets are manufactured using Kraft papers, printed decorative and overlay papers, and resins. Kraft paper is the main raw material of laminates and determines their thickness as well. The decorative paper is used for the design and colour while the overlay paper helps to boost the resistance property of the laminates. 

Now, let’s talk about the advantages you can have by using high-pressure laminates. 

Advantages of Using High-Pressure Laminates: 

High Durability:

Durability is one of the major reasons why HPL is so popular in the interior decorating industry. Plus, it can withstand the weight of high-pressure objects easily. To bear the weight of high-pressure laminates, high-pressure laminates are manufactured with properties like resistance to impact, scratch, and abrasion. 

That’s why high-traffic zones like cabinet doors, cubicles, reception desks, and check-out stands use high-pressure laminates to make them look unique and attractive. Therefore, these types of laminates are perfectly useful in both commercial and residential spaces. 

Modern, Stylish and Innovative Designs: 

Royale Touche offers high-pressure laminates in a wide variety of patterns, designs, colours, and textures. With Royale Touche laminates, you will not just get reliability, but also provide a modern style and classy look. 

So, whether you want to get acrylic HPL laminates or frosty white laminates, you can just think of connecting with Royale Touche and exploring its laminate collection. 

Low Heat Conduction:

Another great feature of high-pressure laminates is the conductivity of heat. HPL gets neither too hot during summers nor too cold during extremely cold conditions. Therefore, you can think of installing high-pressure laminates at places where the temperature can rise too high or get too low. 

Moisture and Waterproof Resistance:

Royale Touche manufactures laminates with additional layers of plastic sheets to make sure that the laminates are water-resistant. Even the Royale Touche HPL laminates have moisture and water-resisting properties, so you will not have to worry about them getting wet or liquid spillage. Therefore, you can totally think of installing high-pressure laminates at the surface areas where the moisture level is very high. 

Besides that, Royale Touche laminates are also resistant to humidity, making them suitable for areas which are greatly exposed to rain. 

Low and Easy Maintenance:

One of the best advantages of using high-pressure laminates is easy to clean and maintain. You can simply use a soft sponge and a liquid cleaner to get rid of the daily dust and dirt from the laminate surfaces. Besides that, high-pressure laminates are also easy to clean with a microfiber cloth because of stain and heat resistance. 

In addition to that, high-pressure laminates also require low maintenance compared to other forms of surfacing materials. That’s why HPL is one of the most highly preferred surface coverings for people. 

Versatile Applicability: 

The best advantage of high-pressure laminates is that they can be used for several types of surfaces. In other words, HPLs are quite flexible, so they can be installed both vertically and horizontally as per your needs. Besides that, you can use HPL in different shapes, sizes, and structures that are required in both commercial and residential spaces. 

Moreover, HPL comes in a wide range of designs, patterns, and textures that you can use to elevate the beauty of your interior decor. So, whether you want to get textured HPL laminate or solid-coloured HPL, you can just think of Royale Touche laminates. 

The Final Thoughts 

By now, you must have understood why you should think of using high-pressure laminates for surface areas with high-pressure objects. So, if you want to install top-quality, high-pressure laminates in your household, you should think about installing the Royale Touche HPL laminates. Just reach out to Royale Touche and explore their collection of HPL for your interior decor. 

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