How to Invest in Notes – Know Your Note Purchasing Enemies

How to Obtain Notes…Know Your Seller

You’ve almost certainly heard of Sunshine Tzu’s (the famed Chinese warrior) instruction to his troopers to “know your enemy” right before heading into battle.

Effectively the same is accurate with take note shopping for.

“Know your seller” need to be the mantra for just about every note consumer (and broker for that make any difference!).


For the reason that if you do not “know” your seller then you may be coming into a negotiation with them without obtaining any idea of their critical negotiating points.

A How to Invest in Notes Case in point, My Latest Bid

A financial institution has a 1st house loan on a single household house in Salt Lake Town that they want to offer.

The borrower has not paid out on the take note in about 120 days, and the note matured more than 2 months ago, so the entire financial loan could be called because of.

The lender has not served the borrower with a foreclosure notice.

And they’ve identified as you in buy to come across out if you want to get their non-carrying out notice and mortgage.

I seemed at this financial loan very first from the standpoint of price tag – how substantially could I provide for it.

We pulled a title report and a BPO and appeared at comps that a community real estate agent supplied to us.

And we place in our bid.

My rep at the lender hinted that she would will need acceptance from a committee of senior employees at the bank.

But she was very cagey about answering any of my concerns about the place she wanted pricing to be in
purchase to sell, and what the status of the borrower was.

I became a very little suspicious and tried probing for extra facts, but she right away clammed up and stated: “I am not at liberty to say extra about our borrower.” A little something was up in this notice getting deal.

It was odd that the bank rep would respond that way – in simple fact it was the 1st time I might found that sort of a reaction to an person loan in advance of.

How to Obtain Notes – Ideas when Conversing to the Banker

So I called her back again, and attempted a minimal exploratory language with her.

“Would it be harmless to say that the bank has a exceptional romantic relationship with this borrower?” I asked her?

“Absolutely,” she instantly replied.

I was curious – what was going on listed here in this defaulted home loan offer?!

So I saved fishing, knowledge full very well that she could not reveal any details to me, but that she
wasn’t opposed to my urgent for extra facts as very long as she could reply in sure or no phrases.

“And there is a reason why the financial institution is not foreclosing in this situation, suitable?” I requested.

“Sure,” she answered just.

“And you might be in all probability not at liberty to convey to me, but this seems like it truly is a hard connection for the
bank to foreclose on, is that appropriate?”

“Absolutely,” she answered yet again. “I won’t be able to explain to you any a lot more than that.”

“A single last question,” I questioned. “Is it harmless to suppose that the lender might be much more open to a bid on this mortgage
that clarifies what exit system we will be pursuing with the borrower instead than an genuine obtain price tag
for the nonperforming note?”

“Of course,” she answered briefly yet again. “That would be suitable.”

So what was likely on in this observe offer?

Perfectly, what I acquired in two additional cellphone calls with the lady I was negotiating with at the Financial institution was that the borrower was incredibly effectively linked in Salt Lake Town political circles, and her ex-partner was a close mate of the bank’s President.

Foreclosing on her could generate a political ruckus for the lender, it turned out. So the bank was checking out discreet selections to rid itself of its non-undertaking bank loan – namely via a observe sale to a 3rd occasion trader.

The lesson you must get from this How to Buy Notes illustration

If you don’t consider the time to probe WHY the vendor is wanting to offer a bank loan, and the situations all around
the sale, you might completely overlook the seller’s crucial negotiating factors on a transaction.

In this case, it was not value. It was what we were scheduling on doing to work out the notice with the borrower. Cost was substantially fewer of an issue.

Your How to Buy Notes Motion Merchandise From This:

1) Often test to recognize WHY a lender needs to promote you a take note or a pool of notes.

2) Test to locate out what the critical negotiating factors are for the financial institution for promoting you this defaulted

mortgage loan. Typically it can be just one or more of the pursuing:

a. Cost

b. Pace with which you can near

c. Your skill to shut (in other words, the lender cares a lot more about no matter if you can near rather than price tag they Buyer is giving for the discounted be aware)

d. Your be aware acquiring exit approaches (in other words, the lender could determine whether to settle for a bid or not primarily based on what type of consumer you are – are you a foreclosure operation with no attempt an modifications, for instance?)

So maintain all this in head when you might be subsequent speaking to a bank to purchase notes.

It’ll make you that substantially superior a notice obtaining warrior!

Communicate quickly,


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