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Essential Tips ~ Fresh Design Blog

Are you choosing bedroom furniture in the near future? If you’ve been working on decorating your room or simply want to update all or some of your existing furniture for more modern designs, there are numerous issues to consider. We’ve put together some tips on choosing bedroom furniture so it meets your expectations and desires.

The bedroom is a room where you come to rest, relax and recharge, so it’s worth making it a space you enjoy being in. The right furniture can help transform bedroom décor scheme and help the look and style of a room flow with ease.

Start with a bed – it’s the most essential piece of furniture in the room, so finding the ideal bed is crucial. Once you know the dimensions of the bed and how much room it takes up, you can plan the rest of your furniture around it.

Consider the other pieces of furniture you need to go in your room, such as wardrobes, a chest of drawers, bedside tables, a dressing table and a stool. If the room is for a couple, then you’ll both need adequate space to hang clothes and store shoes, as well as have space for other accessories.

Focus on the dimensions and size of furniture you need. There’s no point in blindly buying furniture without first measuring the space you have available. Even the nicest furniture will look out of place if it’s rammed into a room and is out of proportion with the space you have. Make sure you can comfortably walk around the sides of the bed, open cupboards or doors without them knocking into the bed and have room to move freely.

If you have an odd shaped room, or a really small space, get creative and think of ways in which you could maximise your space. If necessary, custom-built furniture may offer the solution you need, but it might end up costing more.

Choosing bedroom furniture by style

How to choose furniture to suit your bedroom style
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

If there’s a particular design period or decorating style that you love, such as modern, industrial, bohemian, cottage core or mid-century modern, you can choose your bedroom furniture by style. Choosing bedroom furniture by style can help create a unified and stylish bedroom – you don’t necessarily need to buy all pieces from the same retailer, so it gives you the opportunity to shop around.

If you’re choosing bedroom furniture that’s in trend at the moment, consider whether it’s likely to date and if you might go off it. If you can’t afford to change your décor at least every decade, then you might want to avoid choosing a style that could quickly date and go out of fashion.

Choosing furniture by colour

Colourful matching bedroom furniture
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

If you have a particular colour scheme in mind for your bedroom, then you can use the colour as the focus for choosing furniture. You could look for pieces of furniture in colours that match your walls, floor or soft furnishings, or go bold and choose furniture in contrasting pops of colour. Furniture in bold colours or designs can help create a focal point in a room.

If you’re unsure exactly what style you want, choosing by colour instead can make the process easier and ensure you end up with furniture that matches.

Choosing furniture by price

Choosing bedroom furniture by price can be the best way if you're on a budget
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Often how you’ll choose furniture comes down to price. Even if you’re on a reduced or limited budget, there are still hacks you can use to find furniture that meets your budget needs.

Look out for sales, price cuts and discounts, as this can make purchasing the furniture you’d like more affordable. If you can’t justify kitting out your entire bedroom in matching furniture from the outset, look for ranges that aren’t about to be discontinued. That way, you can rest assured that they’re still likely to be available when you’re able to afford them.

Another good tip is to consider mixing and matching your bedroom furniture. For example, a boho bedroom style often consists of various different types of eclectic furniture and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t all match. Or choose furniture made from a particular type of wood such as oak, as there will usually be plenty of places where you can pick up oak furniture, even if it’s not identical to other pieces you already have.

If you’re on a very restricted budget, look out for secondhand furniture that would do the job. For example, explore charity shops (some specialise in furniture), look on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or check out local car boots. A simple lick of paint and a quick upcycle can freshen up tired looking pieces in no time.

Hopefully these ideas have helped get your thoughts about choosing bedroom furniture into gear. Now it’s time to put your ideas into action and create your perfect bedroom!


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