Choosing The Right Shower Screen: Frameless Vs. Semi-Framed Shower Screen

With the advancement of technology and ideas, the research and development teams of the companies manufacturing bathroom accessories are providing us with some of the best items for our bathroom. One of the items is a shower screen. It has become an inevitable part of every bathroom designing. The installation of shower screens prevents water from spreading out on the floors everywhere. Apart from this, these shower screens have taken the place of the traditional curtains. According to the experts, the presence of a shower screen has added a more sophisticated look.

As per the demand of the people and from the design perspective, the shower screens are available in two major types:

  • Frameless shower screen
  • Semi framed shower screen

Frameless Shower Screen: What is it?

As from the name, it is a single piece of thick glass screen without any framing. It is considered a modern way of giving the bathroom an updated, seamless look. In most cases, the house owners who have small-sized bathrooms prefer this particular type because of the fact that the installation does not consume the aerial space. Its seamless look provides an unobstructed view.

Semi-Framed Shower Screen- Screen for all Bathrooms:

No matter whether you have a large-sized bathroom, medium-sized or a small one, a semi-framed shower screen fits into all the places. Experts consider this as an installation that will not fade with time. The best part of this particular type of shower screen is that the frames are available in different designs and can be customised as per the requirements. In many cases, this particular glass screen is available in both framed and frameless edges. However, the edge to which the frame is attached would vary.

Upon getting a bit idea of what these two shower screens are, it is time to look into the factors that would determine which one to choose between these two.

Which One To Choose Between Semi Framed Shower Screen And Frameless Option?

This is the commonest dilemma that a person buying a shower screen has. If given the option to choose between the two, people rarely reason out the factors that determine their purchase. Therefore, the following are some of the reasons that would help in making a decision.

According to the sellers of frameless and semi-framed shower screen, the purchase should be determined by various factors. These are:

  • Based on the Cost:

Most purchases are driven by the cost factor. If you have a stricter budget and looking for a shower screen that is budgeted and pocket-friendly, then a semi-framed shower screen is always going to be a good choice. The reason being frameless shower screens are expensive when compared to the semi-framed shower screen.

Frameless shower screens are more sophisticated and include a highly sophisticated mechanism for fixing. On the other hand, in a semi-framed shower screen, with the presence of a frame at the periphery of the glass screen, the fixing is pretty much easier and cheaper as well.

  • Based on Variety:

When it comes to comparing the two in terms of variety, there is not a strong point. The manufacturers have ensured that both these versions be made available in the same thickness apart from the same tinting, frosting, slump, and clear look. In addition to these, both are available in bespoke designs as well. Therefore, if your purchase is driven by variety, then you can choose any one of the two.

  • Based on Aesthetic Look:

As far as the look is concerned, undoubtedly the frameless glass shower screen has a cutting-edge advantage over the others. But the popularity of semi-framed shower screen is not much lagging. The manufacturers make sure that the demand for the same remains the same and that is why they have brought a variety of products.

It is also true that for a sophisticated look, people prefer the frameless screen. But the availability of a semi-framed shower screen in custom texture and several finishes has made people go for it even in the most beautiful bathroom ambiences.

How Semi Framed Shower Screens are Better & Durable than Frameless Options?

There are segments of people who believe that frameless is a better option than semi-framed and vice-versa. Now to conclude whether a semi-framed shower screen is a better and durable option than a frameless counterpart, one needs to look into a few facts that would help in the analysis process.

According to experts, semi-framed screens are easy to install. Since, unlike the frameless shower screen, there is no sophistication present as such, a professional can easily lock the hinge at the place it is meant to be. The only thing that is required to get the hinge hung at the right place.

The second most important aspect that comes into play is stability. Because of the presence of the metal panels and frames at the edges and periphery, the semi-framed shower screens are more stable as compared to the frameless ones. The tempered glass of the shower screen, in case of frameless, breaks at corners in a circle making it riskier to access. Also, if the crack at the corners is more, the risk of glass getting shattered increases considerably.

The manufacturers have been very much particular when it comes to ensuring a 100% leak-proof surface. However, as compared to the frameless shower screen, a semi-framed shower screen has more potential to resist leakages and water spillages. This has been possible because of the structure and design. The framed structures have a track that can trap water. Apart from this, these structures to have a layer of metal frame and caulk that prevents water spillage. The framed and semi-framed shower screens are designed to be made waterproof.


If you are remodelling your bathroom or installing a new shower screen to it, you need to consider various factors associated with it. Apart from the properties of the materials used for the manufacturing of the shower screen, it is equally important to pay attention to the design. These two play a crucial role in imparting stability, durability to the entire structure. You need to make sure that the investment being made in this is worthy.