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If you are looking for the best Moneylender in Singapore, then you are in luck. Visit Crawfortas it is one of the most reputable and professional money lending company in all of Singapore. It is understandable that not everyone will have the money they want and can face financial difficulties. This is a very common problem, and such a situation can be extremely tumultuous for everyone. Not everyone can have access to quick funds, which can help them solve these problems and get them out of these situations. A variety of reasons like borrowing rules, poor credit history, or not enough knowledge can be quite worrisome. Well, these problems can be solved quickly by taking the help of legal money lenders in Singapore. Crawfort is a legal site which is regulated and provides the best service to all its customers. We understand that people can fall into any financially problematic situation at any point in time, and that is why make sure that our customers can access emergency phones without any hassle. If you have any doubts regarding our credibility, you can check it for yourself.

Reasons to Choose our service

There are many reasons which set us apart, and we have been one of the top money lending companies in all of Singapore. Some of these reasons are:

  • We offer the highest form of transparency: we understand that most people do not trust money lenders because they fear that they will fall prey to loopholes and unfair schemes. We condone such behavior and make sure that all our workings are out there in the open. We are always transparent with our customers. We shall never take part in any unfair business. Our customer’s safety and happiness is our topmost priority. No matter what questions your queries, our customers have, our team is always ready to answer them and to solve any problems they face. Our customer service team is always available for such a situation. We adhere to a strict code of conduct, and there are no hidden costs that will be subjected to our customers.
  • Get access to quick cash: with our company, you shall get access to quick cash without any hassle. Many banks will take a lot of time to process your information, and the process can be quite tedious. In the face of an emergency, when you need quick cash, it is very difficult for many of us to wait for such a long time before our loan application gets accepted. To solve this problem, our money lending solution is perfect for everyone. You can use this money to pay off your tuition fees, house rent, medical bills, etc. Our company follows all the protocols prescribed by the Moneylenders act and money lender’s rules, so there is nothing to worry about.
  • Convenient money lending process: no more do you have to wait in long lines to get your loan accepted. It is not always possible for everyone to visit banks and money lenders to get the fun they require. This is the reason that we make the use of the latest technology and have digitized our entire money lending process. We believe that in this century, we should upgrade the age-old process of money lending and make it fast as well as easy. The entire process of loan application to credit scoring as well as KYC is done electronically. This makes our company’s money lending process one of the most convenient. Even the process of loan repayment is made extremely easy. You do not have to visit any office or specific place to get it done. It can be conveniently done through SAM/AXS machines without any hassle.
  • We maintain our customer’s confidentiality: of course, with all the boons technology has given as there are also many voices that we need to combat. Many people will be skeptical regarding the confidentiality of the transactions. You can read our previous customers’ reviews to see that your confidentiality is our topmost priority. We shall never breach it and will do our all to make your loan taking process extremely easy. All the servers of our company are protected by state of the art encryption process. We always make sure that any information you share with us is protected. We continuously update our system and also send you updated regarding any changes. Also, we shall never share any information regarding your loan to any third-party applications so that your privacy is maintained. You can trust us with closed eyes regarding this matter.
  • Responsible Loan services: our financial experts are always there to take care of your needs, and we practice safe as well as responsible loan services. This is the reason we never encourage customers to take more loans than they can repay. Our professionals help our customers and help people practice good credit habits. We also encourage our customers to seek out independent legal advice before they take out a loan. We never want to jeopardize the life of any customer and make sure that they are safe.

What documents do you need before you are eligible for the loan?

To get the services of Legal Moneylender in Singaporethere are some things you need to keep in order. Getting personal loans can be a bit difficult as these are unsecured loans, and thorough background checks shall be conducted. Before you take out a loan, make sure that you have a specific reason for it. After that, you should check the ministry of the law of Singapore to check how much you can take out. If you are sure about these details to keep all the following documents in hand before applying for your loan:

  • The proof of your employment and your income.
  • The National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)
  • Current credit score
  • Past CPF (Central provident fund) statements
  • Residency proof
  • For foreigners, tenancy proof, employment letter as well as bank statements are required.

Get the loan that you need

Thus, you can see that the process of loan taking has been made really easy. Get the loan that you need without any hassle. Visit the website as soon as possible to get the services of the best money lender in Singapore.